RomanPisa - A Feast for the Eyes

Retaining wall system : RomanPisa conventional & reinforced retaining wall
Georgid: Raugrid 4/2
Owner : Developer of La Primavera Banquet Hall
Contractor : Dodaro Landscaping
Designer : RisiStone Systems, Thornhill, Ontario
Wall manufacturer : Unilock, Ontario

La Primavera Banquet Hall & Convention Center is located at 77 Woodstream Boulevard in Woodbridge, Ontario. It was built to provide a marvellous place for wedding ceremonies and conferences. At the rear yard of the building, wherever you go, you can see the RomanPisa walls. It looks like a big show for the RomanPisa system.

The architects have utilized every advantage of segmental retaining wall systems: they created snaking curves for planter walls, as well as inside and outside corners for stair walls; they chose the warm brown color of units and pavers to be in harmony with the building color. Apart from the decorative function, the retaining walls also make it possible for the canopy area (where tables are set out for eating) to be level with the basement entrance of the building.

RisiStone Systems provided every detail of retaining wall design for this project. Both geogrid reinforcement structures and conventional structures were used based on the site conditions. Due to the complexity of the project, a site meeting was held prior to the construction to establish a general overview of the project to the benefit of all parties involved. In the meeting, RisiStone Systems explained the design report and the layout of the walls.

It is no wonder that the owner chose the RomanPisa system, as upon completion of construction, it is plain to see that its unique appearance has enhanced the beauty and elegance of this special function facility.