DuraHold - Canal Ponds

Wall System : DuraHold
Owner: Pioneer Developments, Rochester, NY
Landscape Architect : E D R, Syracuse, NY
Retaining Wall Engineer : InterSol Engineering, Milton, ON
Installation Contractor: Camful Industries, Syracuse, NY
Retaining Wall Manufacturer: Binghamton Precast and Supply, Binghamton, NY

During the month of June 1993, installation of vertical DuraHold and DuraHold2 retaining walls began at the new Canal Ponds business park near Rochester, NY. Pedestrian and bike paths wind around the development to guide people to a central green space. This combination of bridges, piers and walkways located around the ponds, constructed using the DuraHold system, creates a serene and beautiful waterfront environment.

The DuraHold retaining wall system was selected partially because of the system's high strength, quick and simple installation, but mostly because DuraHold possessed aesthetic qualities similar to the quarried limestone blocks used in the nearby Old Erie Canal. After the walls were installed, this look was enhanced with sandblasting, giving the facing a mottled, weathered appearance.

The DuraHold system has a random block pattern based on units 12" high, 24" deep, and 72" long with a weight of 1740 lbs each. Special coping units were manufactured for this project to provide extra overhang of the top course and a keyway to receive the poured in place concrete sidewalk above the wall. The DuraHold2 system, also used on the site, is based on a unit that is half the depth of the DuraHold unit. This allows it to be used at a significant cost savings in locations that are less demanding.

The site plans required vertical retaining walls to be constructed that would support pedestrian bridge structures, walkways and planting beds. For most of the installation, the retaining wall was 7 ft high, with the foundation of the wall 3 ft below the water line. In these locations, the DuraHold system utilizing two layers of Stratagrid 5033, was constructed. At the inlet structures the walls were 13 ft high with 7 ft below the water line. This required the DuraHold system, again with two layers of Stratagrid 5033, and an additional three layers of Stratagrid 9027. For the areas retaining the planting beds, walls 3 ft in height were built. Here the DuraHold2 system was used. The site plans also called for three-foot-wide accent walls at the entrances to the business park. These were constructed using DuraHold and DuraHold2, placed back-to-back, with a specially manufactured three-foot-wide coping unit.

Throughout the construction approximately 11,000 square face feet of DuraHold and 5,000 square face feet of DuraHold2 were installed on the site. All the material was placed by a five-person crew over a period of three months, with a materials cost of less than $11.00 per square face foot.

“The final outcome produced excellent retaining walls.”
Joe Alberti, Pioneer Developments

“This project required minimal site cutting, which made manufacturing very intricate, but it produced very nice results.”
Jay Abbey, Binghamton Precast & Supply

“It was a clean and quick installation. The DuraHold system is an enjoyable system to work with.”
Peter Iwanicki, Camful Industries

“All walls went together smoothly and there have been no problems to date.”
Dan Reeder, E D R